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The Myths and Facts About Cloud Servers

Posted on: March 18th, 2014 by Walid Abou-Halloun
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The Myths and Facts About Cloud Servers

Businesses in the United States will be spending over $13 billion on cloud computing and managed hosting services by 2014. By 2015, end-user – regular mum and dads – spending on cloud services could reach over $180 billion.

Still, some entrepreneurs have doubts on whether they should use a cloud server for their business, preferring instead to just stay with their dedicated server. If you’re struggling with the decision, it’s probably because you’re not clear on the real facts about the differences between dedicated servers and a cloud server.

Cloud servers are very powerful virtual environments generated within a cluster of servers. In effect, a cloud server shares resources with other servers. You are sharing ‘your server’ with a bunch of other people, reducing costs. Don’t worry – running out of resources is not a problem because a properly configured cloud has plenty of available power and resources.

On the other hand, you may be asking ‘What are dedicated servers?’. A dedicated server means that you have a dedicated device allocated only for you. It is hosted at a secure data centre or at a designated area at your business location. You’re not sharing your server with anyone else.

So how would cloud servers benefit a business?

  • Cloud servers are easy to set up
    Since cloud servers are virtual machines, it takes only a few minutes to set it up. Dedicated servers on the other hand, have to be set up manually and brought online. This may take a few hours.
  • Cloud servers are scalable and more flexible
    If you need more resources for your cloud servers you just need to log in to your automated control panel that was set up by your web host. Your site does not have to experience downtime.If you use a dedicated server, you first have to check with your dedicated host that your server can be upgraded for additional resources. Then, you need to schedule downtime and do the upgrade.
  • Cloud servers are more reliable
    There are times when hardware failure occurs within a cloud server. When this happens other servers would immediately compensate for the hardware failure and resource loss. Then, more resources would be immediately allocated to the cloud server without the need for downtime.When this happens to a dedicated server, it would have to be taken off the server rack and parts would have to be replaced. But if there are no parts available right away, your site may be down for a number of hours.
  • Cloud servers are cheaper
    Cloud servers are cheaper and for the same price of a dedicated server, you get almost five times more CPU power. CPU resources on a cloud server are stronger than resources in a dedicated server.

Don’t be afraid to try out cloud servers. They’ve been around since the nineties so the technology isn’t as new as you think. Cloud servers are completely secure for any level organisation. You may be preventing your business from gaining more profit if you don’t try. Contact us at Complete Cloud if you need a more detailed explanation of how your business can benefit from the cloud.

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