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Web Application Support

Dependable Web Application Support & Maintenance Plans

Give your clients a support plan they can fall back upon. It is not just about great web applications. At Complete Cloud we give you web application support plans that you can rely upon.

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With growing competition, it is highly important to give your users an enchanting experience so that they love coming back to your website. Our technical support team ensures you are never alone and you can stay at peace with our cost effective web application support plans. Reach our friendly customer support team 24X 7 over phone, email and chat.

What is Web Application Support and Maintenance?

  • Is your business effectiveness/productivity important to you?

    Applications lose business relevance unless they are maintained and upgraded in line with business changes

    Clients without an application development background found it difficult to manage applications in-house

    Hiring someone outside our team to manage and build your application will mean they have to take time to understand the application, structure, etc

  • Use your app as a business enabler not a business blocker

    When you first launch applications to manage and automate activities in your business, the benefits can be significant for you business

    Over time your business changes and to remain effective, your applications need be updated to keep up with this change so that they do not lose relevance in your business and become an inhibitor instead of an enabler

    You also need to consider that users will be accessing the app from multiple devices, PC’s, tablets, smartphones and each of these applications needs to be supported

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What does support and maintenance cover?

From problem solving, optimising to getting the latest security patches, our support & maintenance plans cover all. Our online and offline training courses help you get the knowledge about how you can get the most of web applications!

  • Pro-active Troubleshooting

    We troubleshoot and resolve any problems, bugs or errors you have with any of your applications.

  • Improve Application Basics

    If your website is not optimised with the end customer in mind, they may not be able to find the information they need and they will go to one of your competitors (the next link in Google). We can help with structuring, navigation and page design to improve customer experience.

  • Constant Monitoring

    We monitor websites scanning for any possible issues and identifying them as they occur, long before you or your customers are aware of them.

  • Latest Security Patches

    We ensure your systems are up to date with the latest security patches to prevent malicious attacks and hackers hijacking your website or accounts.

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What options are available?

At Complete Cloud we give you the flexibility to choose your desired package plan. Go for pay-as –you- go plans or opt for any of our customised support packages.

  • Pay As You Go

    This option is great for customers with a small application or user base who just require ad hoc assistance.

    You get the same quality of support services just without the discountes or pro-active support and monitoring services of the monthly plans.

    Do you want to try us out and see how we can help you? Test us out on our pay as you go plan before you sign up to our monthly support and maintenance plans.

  • Support and Maintenance Plans

    Our support and maintenance plans are designed to keep your web application running smoothly for your business. We proactively ensure your application is online and performing to the expected level. We can also suggest improvements to your application to help you improve your business.

    With our support plans you get a value for money paying up to almost half of the pay as you go support rates and can receive bonus hours.

  • Getting support is as easy as sending an email

    Our team can support you any way you like. You can call us on 1300 736 60, you can email us support@CompleteCloud.com.au, you can chat with as at any time or you can login to our Support Centre with your secure client login and create a new request.

    View the status of all your current and previous requests and track all activities related to your services.

  • View our support plans or let us build a customised plan for your business

For Support Plans & Pricing, Call us 02 8073 4699

Why Complete Cloud?

At Complete Cloud, provide you excellent professional support and maintenance. We understand your business and help you achieve the most of your business goals.

  • We make it easy

    Our key strength is understanding how technology can help you in your business rather.

    We won’t speak technical language that you won’t understand, we will speak in business language relevant to your business.

    We have a simple support processes and we keep you informed of all support activities and progress.

  • We provide you with an ROI

    We are experienced in many different industries and businesses and understand how to manage solutions to ensure business outcomes are meet

    Our aim is to help you achieve your business goals whether they are enabling you to grow or automation or productivity gains to reduce costs

    We use your web application to drive these outcomes and generate a direct ROI for your business

    Our affordable support and maintenance options make it easier for you to generate an ROI

  • Professional support team for all your online services

    We don’t just provide support and maintenance for web applications for but for all your online services

    We have trained professionals in every area from hosted email, website hosting, online marketing, websites, online stores, and application development.

    Don’t bounce around between multiple companies to support your online activities; at Complete we can make your life easier by supporting all of them.
    Our highly skilled support team is available 24×7 and can resolve any of your online issues, we make your life easy, why go anywhere else?

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