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Cloud Benefits

The cloud can provide your business with many benefits. Below are some of the ways your business can benefit with Complete Cloud’s products and services.

Cost effective

  • Stay in control of your costs and replace large upfront investments with predictable costs.
  • Save money and only pay for what you use. There is no need to buy and maintain large servers that are underutilised.
  • Reduce the need for powerful PCs; the cloud provides the computing power saving you additional money.
Greater accessibility

  • Data can easily be accessed from anywhere because it is stored in the cloud and not stored on servers in your offices.
  • Work the way you want and access your data from any device including PC’s, tablets and Smartphones.
  • When data is updated by one user, it is instantly shared to all users on all devices.
  • Instantly add new users or remove user access without needing to access their PC.
Higher quality services

  • Maintain higher quality services, sharing cloud space with other users means that you do not bear the entire IT infrastructure and maintenance costs.
  • 24×7 phone, email and chat support from qualified experts. Better than an internal team!
  • Future-proof your business and get the latest technology as it is rolled out. Leave the latest upgrades and maintenance to our experienced staff.
  • Services can be deployed within minutes or hours to allow you to get up and running far quicker than sourcing and installing physical hardware.
Improved security and backup

  • Security, backup and data restoration in our multi-million dollar data centres is far more advanced than businesses can afford to build within their own offices.
  • Bank level encryption and industry leading firewalls and security technology is deployed to protect your business from hackers, disgruntled employees or users trying to gain inappropriate access.
  • Backup and recovery is much simpler and easier in the cloud compared to using physical devices.
  • Failsafe backup and data restoration using proven best practice methods that are regularly tested.
  • Technology and systems are continually tested, improved and upgraded to ensure they remain cutting edge.

Our Clients

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