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Pay Per Click (PPC)

Attract qualified customers to your site quickly.

PPC, a method of online advertising, is a cost effective way to attract customers already searching for your product or service. You can quickly generate traffic and sales for your website and only pay for customers who actually click on your advertisement. Talk to our PPC experts to learn how your business can benefit from Pay Per Click advertising.

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Attract customers searching for your product

PPC is an important part of your online marketing strategy that can place your business in front of customers looking for your product or service. Don’t wait for your customer to find you, go out and find them, quickly.

  • Position yourself at the top of search results

    Make your business visible, attract traffic and increase your conversion rates by placing your business at the top of Google search results.

  • Only pay for users interested in your product

    Click through rates are small because, that’s what you want. Only talk to potential customers definitely interested in your product.

  • Find your customer, don’t wait for them to find you

    Don’t wait for your customer to find you. Now you can go to where they are researching and buying your products and tell them to come to you.

  • Paid search is a proven marketing channel that works

    PPC is an important part of your online marketing strategy. The major search engines, including Google are successful because they provide a way for businesses to advertise on Google and access customers in a very cost effective manner.

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Cost effective marketing on demand

Be in control of when and how much business you want to generate. Track exactly how it is contributing to your bottom line. Get results quickly and build your brand.

  • Cost effective marketing

    PPC is a cost effective way of generating traffic for your website. You are in control of increasing or decreasing your spend depending on your budget and the amount of traffic you are after.

  • Generate qualified leads or sales fast

    Start receiving leads or sales as soon as your campaign runs. You can also trial campaigns or products using PPC to gauge your customer’s response with instant feedback.

  • Get results quickly and increase website traffic

    Market to customers searching for your product or service and directly increase your website traffic.

  • Build your brand recognition and awareness

    Lift the profile of your business. For every user clicking on your advertisement there are, hundreds or thousands more who have seen it.

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Follow a proven formula for PPC success

To maximise your campaign’s success you need to understand what is happening in your marketplace, who your competitors and what your customers are searching for.

  • What are your customers searching for ?

    First you need to understand what your customers are searching for. Our market research includes a competitor evaluation and keyword analysis to understand your market and the cost of popular keywords.

  • Define your campaign goals

    What do you want to achieve from your pay per click campaign? Do you want to grow your client base, create leads or generate sales by advertising on Google? The campaign will be focused on achieving these goals.

  • Keyword selection and content creation

    Keywords are selected to maximise the success of your goals. Your content is just as important. You need to ensure your message is clear and customers understand your offer with just a quick skim of your website.

  • Get results and report on campaign activities

    When the campaign begins, traffic will start flowing to your site. Your account manager will take you through your campaign results including click through rates, conversions and website performance to tweak your campaign and maximise your results.

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Benefit from a team with proven PPC results

Our team of PPC experts will guide you to PPC success based on our experience with current customers. Our focus is your ROI and we are only successful if we generate an ROI for your business.

  • Understanding your market is vital to your success

    Our experience shows that detailed competitor and market analysis is crucial. Some markets can be expensive and oversaturated and it’s as important to know where not to advertise as where to advertise.

  • Track record of delivering results

    We have deployed many successful PPC campaigns and can help you navigate along your PPC journey to ensure you get the maximum ROI for your campaign.

  • Targeted landing pages

    We employ many tricks of the trade gleaned previous campaigns. For example, we know that targeted landing pages will dramatically increase your conversion rates.

  • Dedicated and experienced account managers

    You will have a dedicated specialist PPC account manger to help you setup your campaign for success, analyse your reports and find ways of increasing conversion rates and your profit.

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