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What is this Microsoft SharePoint I keep hearing about?

Posted on: February 5th, 2014 by Walid Abou-Halloun
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What is this Microsoft SharePoint I keep hearing about?

SharePoint is not a program.

Yes, you read that right. SharePoint is not a program. In fact Windows SharePoint Services is a platform. It is a collection of different products and technologies that will streamline your business processes and save you time and money.

How Does SharePoint Work?

SharePoint is a server product which means that you don’t connect to SharePoint itself – you connect to a SharePoint server. It is installed in your backend system and shared across your network of computers.

SharePoint is typically used with Microsoft Office. It can also be used by opening a browser.

What does SharePoint do?

To explain this better, you need to understand that SharePoint has 6 different areas:

  • Sites
    SharePoint online is a website builder. With the SharePoint system you can build websites without special programs. Of course, these are simple websites such a, your personal website, a site for your team. We don’t recommend using it to build a website for your company.

    Most of the websites designed by SharePoint are those that you can contribute to or sites that you can edit, such as a workplace wiki. These sites allow knowledge to be gathered in the one spot by multiple contributors.

  • Communities
    The SharePoint system allows you to work with other people. With SharePoint, two or more people can work on a document at the same time. SharePoint also allows you to have shared calendars, shared task lists and discussion boards.

    SharePoint online allows you to keep track of massive amounts of content and lets you know when things change. The idea of collaboration is built into the SharePoint system.

  • Content
    SharePoint Online gives you a place to put your content. You can continue to work effortlessly but instead of putting everything in your own drive on your desktop or laptop, you put everything in the SharePoint server. You can even edit content within the browser itself.
  • Search
    SharePoint allows you to search all your “stuff” (e.g. content, data). It has a built-in search engine that allows you to search securely so that no one gains access where they shouldn’t.
  • Insights
    SharePoint allows you to bring all your information together to enable you to better understand an immense amount of content. It does this by building dashboards and score cards based on all your data.
  • Composites
    SharePoint helps you build on top of itself. It has capabilities to be extended. It’s meant to be extended and customised. You can build workflows and applications on top of SharePoint so that you can easily integrate all your work information into your work processes.

SharePoint is not one solution to one problem. It is a platform that you will use to make a hundred solutions to a hundred different problems.

There is no common way of using SharePoint. It is different for each user. In fact, a person can spend time in just one area (e.g. building website or simply save your documents in SharePoint and use it when you need it.)
If you need more information on how SharePoint can help you with your business, contact Complete Cloud today and we will be happy to assist you with all your SharePoint needs.

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