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The one trend your business can’t afford to ignore; mobile websites

Posted on: September 10th, 2013 by Walid Abou-Halloun
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The one trend your business can’t afford to ignore; mobile websites

An age is ending and a new one beginning, creating possibly the largest technological shift in global business this century has seen. The rise of the mobile phone website is responsible for seismic changes in the way consumers and businesses interact on all fronts of the business transaction. Mobile websites are affecting marketing, communication, sales, transactions and customer service. Regardless of what business you are in, this is one change you cannot afford to ignore.

Why are mobile websites crucial for the future success of a business?

Put simply, because more and more people are using mobiles than regular computers. 1.4 billion smart phones will be in use around the world by the end of this year. That’s right; billion. By 2015, the amount of revenue generated by users on mobile devices will overtake that of users on regular PCs. This means that your online revenue is as likely to come from someone using a mobile phone or a tablet as someone using a regular PC.

Regular websites don’t work on smartphones and tablets

The important thing to note about the increased use of mobile phones and tablets for online commerce is that regular websites do not work on mobile devices. The screen often runs off the sides of the page which causes a user to scroll left to right to read. That’s if they can read it. Typically, text is too small and buttons can’t be pushed with thumbs on the touch screen interfaces common to smart phones. Users will give up on an webpages not optimised for mobiles after just a few seconds and you will lose revenue. These realities are why so many businesses are scrambling to find a mobile website designer to convert their website to something mobile commerce-friendly.

Additional features can be added with mobile

Mobile technology opens up new ways of interacting with your customers. Location based technology allows you to communicate with a customer based on their location; you can track their movements when they arrive in your store or provide them with a special deal when they walk out to ensure they return. A mobile phone website can provide directions through a maps application when customers are trying to find your store. They can also feature a big ‘call us’ button that automatically dials your number on pressing.

You’re probably already aware that customers can download applications, providing them with a customised experience with your business. You may not be aware of the untapped potential in mobile advertising. A mobile advertising survey suggests that as many as 64% of consumers click for more information after seeing a mobile advertisement. Many consumers, however, have never received a mobile advertisement from a brand they are already connected to. The options for connecting with customers through mobile phone websites are almost limitless. Discuss your options with your mobile website designer.

The future is digital and mobile

For the first time ever, television use is lower than laptop and digital device use. The world is moving from traditional ways of consuming media to more technological methods. At the same time, mobile technology is on the rise. PC sales are falling by 11% whereas smartphone sales are growing at a rapid rate of over 100% per year for some leading companies. Some developing countries are completely skipping PCs and laptop and transitioning directly from traditional mobile phones to smartphones and tablets.

The bottom line is, in less than half a decade, the world will be using mobile phone technology to do its shopping. Businesses ignoring this trend will lose market share and a significant amount of revenue. How prepared is your business?

Complete Cloud’s mobile website developers are experts at developing mobile platforms perfectly suited to your business’s needs and budget. For a discussion of your needs and quote, contact one of our mobile website designers today.

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