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Hosted Exchange: Why Your Business Needs It

Posted on: August 29th, 2014 by Walid Abou-Halloun
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Hosted Exchange: Why Your Business Needs It

Before talking about why you should move your business to hosted exchange, let’s understand what hosted exchange is.

Emails have become the lifeline of any business today so it is important that as any other essential utility like water or electricity, it is available all the time and is as inexpensive as possible. The concept of companies managing emails on their own is getting outdated with more and more businesses switching over to hosted solutions for their business emails.

Hosted exchange is about using Microsoft Exchange as a hosted service. It is a business grade email messaging system used by millions of users worldwide. The history of Exchange servers goes back to 1996 and there have been several upgrades since then. The current version being used is Exchange 2013.

How does Hosted Exchange work and why companies love it?

With Hosted Exchange, a third party manages your email services and you simply pay a flat per user charge every month. Businesses are finding it to be a smarter way of efficient email management at the most affordable costs. Other than emails, Hosted Exchange also helps you effectively manage your calendars, tasks, contacts and documents. This way companies can enjoy the uptime of an Exchange infrastructure while they need not bear the high costs involved with solely owning and managing an Exchange server. Also, your IT staff can be deployed to other more important projects that are of more value to your organisation.

Let’s have a look at some of the most important benefits of Hosted Exchange

Professional Image

Give your business a professional look and feel with Hosted Exchange emails. It provides you with great collaboration features at a price that will not hurt your pocket!

Anytime Anywhere Access

Exchange offers better email communication and helps you stay connected all the time using any device. With Hosted Exchange, your employees can now access their emails, calendars, tasks and contacts anywhere, anytime using a PC, laptop, tablet or smartphone.

Improved Business Productivity

Stay connected even while out of office. Your employees can work from any remote location and access their emails, calendars and documents seamless with Hosted Exchange. They can easily collaborate with team members managing their work efficiently even while on the move.

Painless Migration

With hosted exchange service, migration is no longer a pain. Your service provider generally migrates you to new exchange versions automatically without any additional cost. This saves you the hassle involved in migration apart from the downtime that your system might have to face otherwise.

Improve Customer Service

Stay on top of customer emails and get all tasks completed on time. Hosted Exchange makes it simple to manage your business workflow increasing your overall productivity. This in turn results in increased number of happy customers for your business!

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