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5 Ways Cloud Computing Improves Everyday Services

Posted on: April 22nd, 2014 by Walid Abou-Halloun
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5 Ways Cloud Computing Improves Everyday Services

Most likely you’ve heard of cloud computing – most people using any sort of technical device have – but many people are still in the dark about how cloud computing is actually used on a day-to-day basis to help businesses.

Here are 5 ways cloud computing is transferring the processes of other small to medium businesses.

Website and Software Hosting

While most people already pay to store their website on a shared server, storing software programs is less common. Did you know that you can store your entire PC contents in the cloud including software and documents all sitting in remote servers, constantly backed up and connected to your computer via the internet.


You’re probably not even aware that the entertainment provided to you over the internet is actually using the cloud to do so. Websites like Netflix and Spotify all used cloud-based servers to deliver on-demand music and videos. Their huge store of files could only be accessible to their millions of consumers by storing them in the cloud.

Social Media

It is becoming more common for large social media sites like Twitter to store their content in the cloud, rather than onsite servers. This delivers better and faster content to their millions of consumers around the world.


One of the most profound impacts that cloud computing has had on our technological interactions is in email hosting. Previously emails were downloaded to our own computers or stored in our own servers, risking their demise in the case of a tragedy. Also, emails were only accessible from the one computer.
With cloud computing, emails are stored in an off-site server and accessible from any device that you want to access it with; tablets, laptops or smartphones.

Document Storage

If you’ve ever had your computer crash and realised that you just lost three days worth of documents, you’ll realise the huge impact online storage is having on businesses. It’s not only allowing businesses to guarantee their files are safe with cloud back up, it’s also allowing staff to share documents without creating multiple versions or having someone else write over an important version – known as online file sharing.

Cloud computing has had impacts on businesses in many other ways – these are just the basics. What cloud computing really means is that we can constantly have access to our information when we need and from anywhere. Instead of having one device for each part of our lives, we can combine the devices and save both money and effort.
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