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Maximise The Revenue From Your Mobile App

Posted on: April 21st, 2014 by Walid Abou-Halloun
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Maximise The Revenue From Your Mobile App

Just as mobile smartphones have revolutionised the world, monetising the apps you develop for those smartphones can revolutionise the bottom line of your profit and loss sheet. Here some ways to boost your revenues through mobile applications:

  • Push Notifications
    Provided your customer has allowed your app to send them push notifications, you can now get in front of your customer’s face at the right time in the right place. Bands or events can send city-wide notifications to all fans. An umbrella store can offer discounts to everyone in a specific area with a bad weather forecast. Where are your customers when they need you?
  • Maximise sales connection points
    Because your customers are connected 24/7, they have opportunities to engage with your brand at any time of day and especially during quick five to 10 minute waits, such as at a bus stop, in a line or at the doctor’s. A push notification during the home-commute hours can remind a customer of a half-completed shopping cart.
  • Location-specific Advertising
    Imagine if you were a pizza store that could automatically display a discount coupon to anyone in the area after the hours of 5pm. That’s the power of location-based advertising. You can now change your offer depending on the location of your consumer.
  • Location-specific Push Notifications
    This is also known as dynamic advertising. With everything you know about how a customer is interacting with your brand, it’s possible to send offers to customers based on their behaviours and location. For instance, if a person looked up cinema information but didn’t purchase a ticket, the cinema could, if it’s a slow night, send them an offer with a discount to entice them in. Coordinating real-time, location-based campaigns, means that customers receive highly specific information, very likely to convert to a sale.
  • Speed Up Time To Sale
    Customers abandon a sale for all sorts of reasons. Perhaps they couldn’t find their credit card or can’t be bothered to fill in the address details. Now that a mobile phone knows where a person is, it is possible to automatically fill in an address (ie: for takeaway orders), removing barriers to consumers finalising their sale.
  • Get To Know Your Customer
    One of the best things about geo-locating technology on smartphones is the ability to gather data (with their permission) on your customers in order to provide them with a better experience. If you know what they usually like you can target offers very specifically and bring customers back who perhaps haven’t been in a while.

Mobile location-specific targeting opens up a new world of possible ways to connect and provide products to your customer. Start a campaign today, with Complete Cloud’s experts.

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