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Why Are So Many Companies Moving File Storage To The Cloud?

Posted on: August 30th, 2013 by Walid Abou-Halloun
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Why Are So Many Companies Moving File Storage To The Cloud?

From electricity and plumbing contractors to State Governments, it seems everyone is moving their computing activity to cloud data storage. Why is it that so many organisations are transitioning to online servers?

“Cloud services facilitate simple, convenient and on-demand access to a shared pool of computing services and falls under the objectives of the NSW government ICT strategy,” Finance and Services Minister, Greg Pearce said.

Simple.  Convenient.  On-demand.  That sums up the main benefits of web storage and why so many organisations are moving their IT infrastructure to cloud storage.  Only one other aspect wasn’t mentioned.
It’s really inexpensive.


Using cloud file storage is even simpler than using onsite storage.  Onsite storage requires each user to have an individual drive or update versions of documents as they work on it.  With cloud data storage, users can simultaneously work on documents together and there’s no such thing as ‘saving over a new version’.  Cloud is really simple to use.


Information in online storage is available wherever a person may be, without the hassle of logging in or transferring information from one device to the other.  Whatever was done on one device is automatically updated to all the other devices.  Information can be accessed from a computer at work, a mobile in the car or a laptop at home.


When investing in onsite infrastructure, companies need to anticipate how much space will be needed for the future and buy large servers to cope with growth.  With an online server, necessary space can be scaled up or down as needed and space is acquired on demand.  Rather than wasting money on unused hardware, companies are saving money by only paying for what cloud file storage they need.


When compared to the costs for setting up and maintaining an onsite server, web storage is a more cost efficient way to store data and software.  Companies are saving thousands of dollars every year by transitioning services to cloud data storage.

Bonus Feature: Secure!

You may think that smaller cost means smaller features but with cloud file storage this isn’t the case.  Cloud computing companies invest in high grade servers with enterprise quality security of the type that could never be afforded by smaller organisations.   Your data and programs are safer in the Cloud than sitting in an office where they could get damaged by fire or theft.

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