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Business Online 101- Part 1: Unpackaging The Basics Of Internet Business

Posted on: August 28th, 2013 by Walid Abou-Halloun
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Business Online 101- Part 1: Unpackaging The Basics Of Internet Business

Do you need to get your business online but don’t know where to start?  Do you read supposedly helpful ‘How To’ articles and not understand words and terminology mobile platform or cloud computing?

You’re not alone.

This Business Online 101 series is designed to break down why getting your business online is important for you, what it means to take your business online and un-package jargon and terms so you can sound like an expert.   You will be empowered to speak with companies offering you online services, knowing what you are talking about and confident to make a decision that is right for your business.

The first important word you need to know is ‘eCommerce’ or Online Store.  Commerce is just another word for business, which, of course, you know.  The letter ‘e’ in front of a word usually stands for ‘electronic’.   Think of e-mail (electronic mail) or e-zine (electronic magazine).  Therefore, the word ‘eCommerce’ means very simply Electronic Business.  It is business conducted through electronic methods, rather than face to face or by speaking on the telephone.  Pretty simple huh?

The ability for the world to conduct business online has revolutionised not only the way we buy and sell products but also the things we buy and sell.  Did you know that it’s possible to pay for a product that doesn’t actually exist!?  When people buy, for instance, an eBook, it’s not a physical book at all. It’s just an electronic version of the book that is stored in their computer.  Of course, the person on the other end still receives the benefit of a book so money exchanges hands.  There are many instances today of money exchanging hands for solely electronic products; web applications, newsletters and, of course, cloud computing.

Are you starting to see why eCommerce is so powerful?  Check out our previous article here on why you need to get up to date with the eCommerce revolution.This rest of this series will explore:

– Hardware / Software
– Websites
– Web 1.0 and Web 2.0

Next up, Hardware and Software!  What is it and what’s the difference?

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