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What you need to know about hosted email

Posted on: September 25th, 2013 by Walid Abou-Halloun
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What you need to know about hosted email

Have you ever sat at home trawling through your emails on your computer only to realise the latest version of the email that had to be sent by 7am tomorrow morning is sitting in the drafts folder of your business computer?

Of all the tools business owners and employees use on a daily basis, email should be the first one released from the confines of a static server. Hosted email can be accessed from anywhere and is automatically updated across multiple devices. Many businesses think that putting emails into the cloud is too lofty for their small operations but nothing could be further from the truth. Hosted email exchange is affordable and super quick to set up.

Access Emails From Anywhere

If you’ve used Google or Hotmail, you already understand the difference that email hosting can make. Now, to access emails, you (or your employees) don’t need to be sitting on the one computer to get the latest version. Your emails are available from whichever portal you sign in from. Do you have an employee stuck at an airport? They can use an internet café to send through the vital information for the sales pitch the next morning. Did you forget the address of your next meeting? Look it up on your Smartphone as you grab a cab. The convenience of hosted email exchange will astound you.

Emails Automatically Updated

Any work done from other computer portals or mobile devices is automatically updated across all other devices. When your sales person arrives back in the office, the document they attached to the email will be there in their ‘outbox’. If you wrote a note to yourself about the meeting with the client at the top of the email with the address in it, it will be sitting in your inbox waiting for you next time you return to your office computer. Or the next time you use your phone.It’s up to you.

Simple and Easy To Use

You may be worrying that the hosted email platform will be clunky and difficult to use. Microsoft Outlook is a software that many people are familiar with and Microsoft Exchange online looks the same. Hosted email utilises the Hosted Microsoft exchange to continually update all of your devices. It feels just like using the normal version but without the download bar (1 out of 20 emails, 2 out of 20 emails…) every morning on opening Outlook.

Many Other Benefits
Storing your emails on a hosted exchange server has many other benefits. Email loading is faster. Back up versions of emails are available on the other side of a simple 5 minute phone call. Your emails are encrypted and secured from malevolent software with the highest grade security programs available.

Hosted email is a simple solution with obvious and immediate benefits for your business. If you’ve been considering ‘trialling’ the benefits of the cloud, hosted email is a great place to start.

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