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What can SEO do for your business?

Posted on: June 18th, 2013 by Walid Abou-Halloun
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What can SEO do for your business?

If you’ve been working to get a website up and running for your business for anything more than 5 minutes you will have come across the term ‘SEO’. It’s everywhere. It’s so important in fact, entire companies are built around it. Big books, long running blogs and three day seminars are entirely devoted to the subject.

So… what is the big deal with SEO?

In case you didn’t know, SEO stands for “Search Engine Optimization”. What’s a search engine? Most people know the biggest search engine by another name which you will instantly recognize; ‘Google’. Other search engines include Yahoo and Bing.

SEO makes your website one of the first to show up to people searching for your products or services through Google or one of the other search engines. Searchers typically only click on the first 1-3 results so, as you can imagine, it’s quite competitive…

Here’s what SEO does for your business, in a nutshell:

Good SEO gets you more sales

That’s it! How does it do that? Before we tell you, you need to know the meaning of a couple of phrases:

Keywords: These are the words someone types into a Google search engine when looking for something. Ie: ‘cheap hotels barcelona’. They’re really important because they’re the only things a search engine uses to return accurate and helpful results to the searcher.

Rankings: Your ranking is how high or low your website shows up on the search results. Ie: if you’re a cheap hotel in Barcelona, you would want to show up in the number one ranking; top of the first page! If you’re only coming up fifth or sixth on the first page, you won’t get much traffic. Results from page 2 onwards never get clicks.

You’re probably already getting an idea of how good SEO can lead to more sales but here’s a step by step look:

SEO increases the number of interested customers visiting your website

The first step in SEO is discovering the keywords your most lucrative customers use to look for your products and then get your website ranking highly for them! Some keyword phrases are competitive but Complete Cloud can give you the edge with our proven techniques.

Dominate your space and become the industry expert!

When a searcher sees your website appearing over and over again for various keywords around a topic, your brand reputation is strengthened and they see you as the industry leader. Your website needs to appear in all searches to do with your topic.

Get ahead of your competitors

Dominate your competitors by getting your website ranked higher than theirs! You’ll have more customers buying from you and will deter people from visiting your competitors. Plus, it’s just another example of how much better you are…

Experience Long Term Growth

Unlike other forms of advertising or marketing, ranking highly in search engines continues to drive visitors to your website for months and years at a time. It is a long-term strategy for the longevity of your business.

Let’s see the difference SEO makes for our business owner, Brian.

Brian without SEO

Brian spent $2.5K on a new website about 6 months ago but so far it hasn’t really made that much difference. He made the website look as good as his competitors but his customers still come mainly from the yellow pages and flyers he drops in letterboxes every week. What a waste of $2.5K….

Brian with SEO

Brian had to hire a secretary last week after beginning his SEO campaign 6 months ago – he just got too many calls for his services! The best thing though is that last week he typed ‘wholesaling electrical tools’ into Google and his website was listed before Dan’s Wholesaling Electrical Tools! Ha! He always knew he was better than that guy. Tonight he celebrates at his favourite Chinese restaurant…

For an SEO strategy to get your website on the screens of those who need it, contact Complete Cloud today.

Who Is Brian?

Brian is our fictional character who owns a business wholesaling electrical tools. He has five employees in sales, administration and logistics in a small office in an industrial park. He has watched the movie When Harry met Sally twelve times now.

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