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The shift of emails from desktops to mobiles

Posted on: July 21st, 2014 by Walid Abou-Halloun
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The shift of emails from desktops to mobiles

Recent studies reveal that more than 65% of emails are first opened on a mobile device. The quick shift of email reading from desktops to smartphones opens up an array of opportunity for marketers who wish to target customers on the go.

If we take a close look at a breakdown of this 65% emails that are opened and viewed on mobile devices, smartphones take up a lion’s share and less than 16% of emails are actually viewed on tablets. What’s more interesting is that, most iPhone and Android users spend around 15 seconds on an email message. This all the more highlights the importance of mobile optimization to engage these customers and make sure that the message is crisp and clear so that it can be delivered within this short span.

How does this change your business strategy?

As a smart business, you need to adopt the “mobile first for email” strategy if you really want to reach out and engage more and more of these on –the- go customers. With viewing and responding to emails moving from desktops to the palm of the hand of your consumers, as an online marketer you can now get the most from your email marketing campaigns. Email marketing has always been a simple and cost effective way to reach your brand’s message to your customer’s inbox. Now that you can reach customers and targets anywhere, anytime on their mobile devices, you have a sea of opportunity lying ahead.

Optimising emails for mobile devices

Studies suggest that about 69% of customers choose to delete or not open an email if it does not load quickly on their smartphone or appears broken. The latest trend clearly shows that you lose a significant amount of traffic if your emails are not mobile optimised.

Here are some quick ways to get mobile optimised mails:

Quick Loading

You already know that mobile users spend an average 15 seconds on an email message. So, if your email message takes too long to load, it will probably never be read. Note that every 1 second of loading delay results in more than 7% conversion drop. Ensure images included in your emails are not heavy so that they load quick on mobile devices and provide users a seamless experience.

Services as Fast Stone Photo Resizer and JPEGmini can help you reduce the size of your image by up to 80% without compromising on the quality. So, you can now capture user attention with attractive visuals that do not keep the viewer keep waiting for it to load!

Optimised for multiple screens

Now that your customers are opening emails on a variety of mobile devices from smartphones to tablets to iPads, your images and email content should fit any screen size device. It’s quite simple to do that. All you need to do is alter the style part of the code in your email’s HTML editor. This defines your image size according to the proportion of your screen rather than pixels.

Highlight Links & Call to Action Buttons

It’s harder to be accurate with your finger than with the mouse. You need to work hard to make sure that your mobile customers do not get driven away because of a bad touch experience. Create bright and big call to action buttons of around 57×57 pixels which is a little larger than the average size of an adult finger (45×57 pixels) on a mobile gadget.

It is also crucial to highlight important links and pay special attention to the placement of these links. Also, spacing between the links is important to avoid accidental clicks.

Last but not the least; get responsive email templates according to the needs of your business. Stop losing customers and valuable opportunities to unresponsive email designs!

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