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The Online Marketing Triple Whammy: Email, SEO and Social

Posted on: October 31st, 2013 by Walid Abou-Halloun
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The Online Marketing Triple Whammy: Email, SEO and Social

Everyone knows that two is company but three’s a crowd. If it’s a crowd you want stampeding towards your latest offer, then you need to listen to this old adage and employ the three most effective online marketing techniques to really knock their socks off! Don’t get caught out with one hand up; throw all your punches to keep your competitors down for the count.

What are the most effective online marketing techniques?

Email Marketing, Blogging/Search Engine Optimisation and Social Media!

Separately they’re standout performers but together they really put the rocket fuel underneath your marketing campaign.

Benefits of Using All Three

Email marketing is still the king for recurring lead generation but you’ll never get email addresses without social media and search engine optimisation. All of these are supported by a continuous supply of interesting and search engine friendly blogs that your customers love to read. See how they all fit into each other so nicely?

How Get All Three Playing Nicely

Many businesses actually already have all three of these methods in place but forget one crucial element:

Connect them together!

Those who visit the webpage from the social media platform aren’t signing up to the emails and those who get the emails aren’t sharing your wonderful content on their social media platforms! This is such a sad waste of your time and energy. Once you connect your marketing efforts together you will begin to notice the incredible synergy they create for your business!

  • Put an email sign up form on your Facebook page. You can do this easily with a customised Facebook webpage or app plugin.
  • Ensure your blog has social media sharing links on every post.
  • Load your newsletter up with social sharing links.
  • Offer an opportunity to visit your social pages and website at the bottom of every newsletter.
  • Provide ‘send this newsletter to a friend’ links at the bottom of every newsletter.
  • Post your blog updates to your social media feeds.This can be done automatically with some simple plug-ins.Talk to your website designer about it!
  • Refer to previous blog posts or web pages in your social media posts.If someone asks a technical question that you have already written about, send them the link!
  • Share other people’s links on your social pages.Give back the love and don’t forget to tag them to let them know you did it.
  • Ensure your RSS feed is up and working.Many people still use these and you will catch a few readers who wouldn’t normally sign up to your email newsletter.
  • Use your keywords from your search engine optimisation in the social media posts. Hashtag the keyword on twitter.You may start a trend!

Integrating your search engine optimisation strategies into your social media platforms and then tying it all together with a blog sent out through an email marketing software is the tri-fecta of all online marketing strategies! It takes a little bit of extra work for a lot of extra reward!

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