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Support 101 Part 5: Keep Improving your Web Applications over time

Posted on: December 4th, 2014 by Walid Abou-Halloun
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Support 101 Part 5: Keep Improving your Web Applications over time

Do you have an idea for a web application or a mobile app that can completely revolutionise your business? Great. Once you have an idea that you are passionate about, it’s about researching and working on it slowly till you accomplish your goal.

Remember developing a web app is not a short term process and is never completely finished. It’s a continuous long process and every time you get a new idea, you can actually tear down, change and re-build on what you have done before.

It is important to break down your application development process into parts. In the initial phase, focus on the bare minimum needs and on things that are most important and. Once the first phase is done, you can build on this initial phase modifying and improving it as you use it.

Security and software bugs can be major issues with web applications and its crucial to test your application before you decide to launch it in the market. In addition to integration and system testing that is generally performed in case of traditional desktop websites, web applications may also require some additional tests depending upon client needs. These include security testings, HTML/CSS code validations, load and stress handling, usability and cross browser compatibility tests.

As a web application developer you need to familiarise yourself with the tools available in the market and also be aware of the latest updates.

Once your basic app is ready and tested, it’s a good idea to launch it in the market and keep building on it depending on user feedback. Your application is for clients and they would be best able to tell you about its great and not so great features. With a stream of feedback coming in, it is sometimes overwhelming for businesses. However, it’s important that you validate each incoming feedback, prioritise things and act on customer feedback in a timely fashion. This can be time consuming and here is where a web application support and maintenance service provider can be of help.

It is important to understand that dedicated customer feedback cycle management and feedback implementation can be critical to your web app success. Listening to users can help web app developers understand what users think and need beyond the very obvious. Often the end user feedback may be out of scope from what you initially planned for your app. It may be a little difficult to implement as well but if more and more clients convey that a specific change would help them engage more to a web application; it is worth paying attention to.

A reliable web application support and maintenance plan can help you continually build on your web application. This way you can allocate a part of the budget for web application development and modifications helping you save time and money both.

Launch the first version of your web app in the market but make sure you keep working on it till you have an online application suited to your business needs and one that your customers will love!

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