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Simple strategies to boost accountability in your business

Posted on: August 4th, 2014 by Walid Abou-Halloun
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Simple strategies to boost accountability in your business

When will I get the Project Report? Why were the proposed changes not implemented? I simply cannot believe no one noticed this error. That was May’s job not mine….Are you facing accountability issues in your organisation? Accountability challenges often result in finger pointing, broken trust and professional frustration hampering business relations both with customers and employees. Let’s have a look at some ways you can boost and nourish a culture of accountability for your organisation.

Presenting the Bigger Picture

The first step towards creating accountability starts with your employees embracing a bigger role and responsibility in the overall success of the business. Managers need to speak to team members individually and communicate to them how their projects or contribution can affect the company’s mission, growth and vision. Presenting the larger business picture to employees motivates them and helps them take more informed decisions.

Sense of Business Ownership

Business ownership flourishes when there is a proper system in place. Are your business workflow processes streamlined? Do you have effective and competent members? Do your team members take interest in improving the process? Is their feedback looked upon and implemented? Your team members should have the right to seek information and provide as well as receive feedback. They should feel completely accountable for any task assigned to them.

Freedom to make Decisions based on Competing Priorities

A single task may have multiple solutions. Give your employees the power and flexibility to take decisions and improve upon them only when and where required. It is also important to provide your employees with all support and resources they need to sharpen their skills and boost confidence.

Setting Clear Expectations

Set clear cut expectations right at the start of a new project. You may want to schedule regular meetings where these expectations are repeated over and again so that there is no room for confusion. Points like important deadlines, who is responsible exactly for what, details of each task till you achieve the end result should be crystal clear to your employees.

Carrot and Stick

Let your employees know that their hard work is driving the business revenue and they will definitely be rewarded the fruit of their labour. Boost morale of your workforce and motivate them by offering them financial incentives like bonuses or non-financial incentives like time off. Similarly, they need to know that missing out on important project deadlines or not completing tasks come with their own consequences. Without these, employees may often not take accountability issues seriously.

Employ these basic strategies and bring an end to the blame game with employees. More accountable will give a boost to your business productivity and your bottom line!

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