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Pay Per Click 101 – Part 3 – How to spend your PPC marketing dollars

Posted on: March 6th, 2014 by Walid Abou-Halloun
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Pay Per Click 101 – Part 3 – How to spend your PPC marketing dollars

The growth of PPC (pay-per-click) marketing is growing at phenomenal rates. From Facebook to Google, the ability for any sized company to target their audience within a set and measurable budget means that everyone from small business owners to professional marketers are setting up campaigns, writing advertisements and analysing metrics in an attempt to attract online customers to their store.

If you’re new to Pay Per Click marketing, you may find that last step discouraging. Despite the hype, it is quite easy to flush money down the PPC advertising toilet, by simply not understanding the basics of how to get the most out of your campaigns.

If you’re a small business owner thinking about advertising on Google, good on you! While it does take a lot of learning for even a pay per click company to get the best results, with some research and a bit of effort, you can discover how to run effective campaigns that will drive qualified customers to buy your products. In this series we’re going to go over the basics of Pay Per Click marketing.

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The process of getting the most out of your PPC marketing campaign is typically three steps.

  • Trial
    Run some campaigns on a small budget to trial which type of ads perform better.
  • Understand
    Analyse the results and work to improve them.
  • Change
    There is no such thing as ‘set and forget’ with Pay per click marketing.

Let’s look at ‘Step One: Trial ‘

Pay per click marketing is not like typical advertising; ‘We know 50% of it works. We’re just not sure which 50%!. Because you can instantly see what is working and what is not, the key to getting the most from your PPC advertising is to Test Small.

Let’s say you start with a budget of $500. You could set up one advertisement and put the whole $500 budget on that advertisement. That would ensure you get lots of exposure and therefore lots of clicks right?

Wrong. Actually, the best way to spend that $500 is to run a number of smaller campaigns that are slightly different. Some of them will work and some of them won’t. The key though, is that you have spent a little bit of money to discover which advertisement will get the best results.

  • Write 4 advertisements with slightly different copy. For instance, change the headline in one, mention the price in another and try two different versions of copy.
  • Ensure that each of these advertisements goes to a different landing page. Why is this important? A) you can create highly relevant content that will encourage customers to buy and B) you can see which advertisement encouraged people to stay on your website.
  • Schedule all of these advertisements to target the same set of keywords over the same period of time.
  • Set a small budget per day, perhaps $80 and focus on analysing the results each day and at the end of the week.

It can be difficult to spend money without seeing direct results. It’s important to see this phase as the ‘trial’ phase and be willing to invest a serious amount of time and money into it. In the next article, we’re going to look at how to learn from these trial advertisements so that you’re ready to take your advertising to the next level and see results from your advertising efforts.

If you’d prefer someone to do it for you, enlist a reputed Pay per click company like Complete Cloud to set up your campaigns for you.

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