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Cut Response Times and Increase Reliability with a Managed Windows VPS Hosting

Posted on: May 5th, 2014 by Walid Abou-Halloun
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Cut Response Times and Increase Reliability with a Managed Windows VPS Hosting

Windows VPS Hosting: Guaranteed Performance & Reliability

Looking to make your online business a success? With online marketing getting more and more competitive, there are a couple of factors that a business needs to focus on in order to make its digital strategy a hit.
So what are the elements that you should work on to make a distinct mark for yourself and stay ahead of your competitors? Well, flat and responsive website designs, great web applications, promotional techniques and last but not the least a high quality web hosting provider are some of the key factors.

The Booming Digital Economy and VPS

Australia’s digital economy has been growing steadily with wider consumer choices and greater mobile internet access. As an effective internet marketer, you make the most of this digital marketing wave by getting a web hosting service that guarantees you super-fast loading and round the clock customer support. Remember it is crucial to ensure that your website is up and running all the time and all technical issues are resolved immediately.
This is where a managed Windows VPS hosting service comes into play. With managed Virtual Private Servers you can rest assured that your website will operate flawlessly and any technical issue will be attended to right away.

How is VPS an ideal choice for web hosting?

VPS or Virtual Private Servers lie midway between dedicated and shared servers. VPS allows you greater control similar to dedicated servers matching it with the simplicity and cost effectiveness of shared servers. Here the whole server area is divided into a few blocks and each block has the ability to function independently with its own dedicated resources.

Let us try to understand VPS with the apartment analogy. Imagine a VPS server as a two-three storey apartment where residents have their own drawing area, kitchen and washrooms while they share the lift, lobby and the car park area. In an apartment set up, you share the maintenance costs similar to sharing the server maintenance costs in VPS hosting. Virtual servers offer greater flexibility and control. With managed VPS hosting you have the liberty to customize your designated server space as per the needs of your business?

As an online marketer, you cannot let your online presence get affected at any cost. That is the reason you need a reliable hosting provider who can guarantee you quick problem resolution with an excellent support system and 24 x 7 technical assistance. While choosing a managed VPS hosting provider, ensure that you have experts available round the clock to take care of any unexpected issue even in the middle of the night.

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