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Build your professional image with Hosted Email!

Posted on: May 27th, 2014 by Walid Abou-Halloun
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Build your professional image with Hosted Email!

Are you looking for a professional email solution that gives an identity to your business while not being too expensive? Do you want to project your company name to customers and prospects with every email that you send out?

With email hosting also called hosted email, you can now present your business with a fully featured and professional email platform.

An ideal email hosting solution is one that grows as your business expands. It provides you everything from individual email accounts to premium business email solutions. It empowers your employees with knowledge sharing tools as well as easy collaboration.

Let’s have a quick look at some of the key benefits of email hosting

  • Credibility
    Email hosting helps you build credibility for your business amongst your customers. Give your business a professional look when you communicate with clients over email. Send out emails with @businessname emails rather than generic @gmail or @yahoomail.
  • Compatibility
    Is your hosted email compatible with your existing email client? Choose an email hosting solutions that is compatible with your desktop email client be it MS Outlook, Mac or thunderbird.
  • Collaboration
    Collaborate and Grow! In a business environment, collaboration helps improve employee productivity and efficiency. Empower your employees with an intuitive email hosting solution that allows easy collaboration.
  • Spam & Anti-Virus Protection
    Only receive emails that you actually want to. Most hosted email solutions provide high class spam and anti-virus protection to keep all unwanted and phishing emails away from your inbox.
  • Archive
    Do you have a backup for all your crucial emails? Go for an email hosting solution that provides archiving. Most hosted email companies provide a 365 day archive option. This way you can store, organize and extract all your emails for the last one year without a hassle.
  • Anywhere Access
    Mobile is the future. Ensure that your hosted email provider gives you a mobile compatible interface. With increased email browsing over smartphones and tablets, it is crucial that you have easy email access on the go and hassle free integration of emails with your iPhone or tablet.
  • Online Storage & Editing
    Opt for a hosted email solution that allows file editing along with storage and sharing. Storing your files in a secure environment gives you the peace of mind. Access and edit any of your data online with email hosting!
  • Expert Help
    Does your hosted email solution have a round the clock support? It is important that you are not alone in times of crisis. Go for an email hosting provider that gives you 24*7 expert help over phone, chat and email.

If you need an email hosting solution Complete Cloud can help you in setting up one that suits your budget and business needs.

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