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Support 101 Part 2: How Can Website Support Help My Business

Posted on: August 12th, 2014 by Walid Abou-Halloun
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Support 101 Part 2: How Can Website Support Help My Business

Why do I need a Website Support and Maintenance Plan?

Designing a great website and launching it with a bang are the starting steps to your online marketing journey. Once your website is in front of millions of online customers, you need to put in time and effort to ensure that it is updated and well maintained so that your customers have a seamless browsing experience. You need to ensure that your website is updated with the latest patches and in line with the latest technology otherwise problems and errors may start popping up.

Website Support and Maintenance is all about this constant effort required to maintain the stability and overall good health of a website.

As a website owner, you may try doing it all yourself. If you lack the time and the expertise, you may want to entrust the job of supporting your website to a support and maintenance service company. The second may be a more practical option as firstly your website is in expert hands and second, you can devote your time to more important business activities.

Any website whether simple or complex, requires support and maintenance which may include:

  • Back up and restoration
  • Software and database upgrades
  • Cross browser compatibility assessment and upgrades
  • Monitoring website performance
  • Content optimisation and monitoring

For basic static HTML websites, website support and maintenance may mean simply changing the text or images on the website. If the site administrator has HTML and CSS knowledge, he can try making these changes on his own.

For dynamic websites with inbuilt CMS (content management systems) that most businesses have, support and maintenance is vital. Each website has its own customised design and style and also drives a lot more traffic as compared to a basic HTML website. More traffic means more potential issues and a good website support and maintenance plan can help you proactively monitor and fix these issues before your customers come to know of them.

Never lose customers because your website is down

You cannot afford to miss out traffic simply because your website is down. Remember, customers will take no time in turning to a competitor’s website if you do not offer them a great browsing experience or if your website takes too long to load.

Provide customers with relevant updated content

A website support plan will also help you keep your content updated so that you offer interesting and relevant information to your customers.

Get website issues fixed before they affect your customers and sales

Website support and maintenance includes assistance with any issues that you may have with your website. It is about making sure that your website functions smoothly at all time and does not face downtime issues. From making changes to coding to content to website monitoring, training and reporting- it includes all.

If your website is crucial to your business so is a website support and maintenance plan.

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