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NSW Government Moving Its Services to the Cloud

Posted on: March 20th, 2013 by Walid Abou-Halloun
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NSW Government Moving Its Services to the Cloud

In a move confirming the mass transition to Cloud Services for organisations across Australia, the NSW Government has announced its intention to trial managing desktop and messaging services through the cloud. Departments including WorkCover, Fire and Rescue and Businesslink are rushing to get on board.

The first two area to be reorganised are messaging and desktop services. Messaging includes all emails, calendar appointments and address books. Desktop services will provide users with access to software typically stored on desktops. The includes the bcase operating system of the computer as well as typical software used in a regular business day, for viewing documents and videos or compressing files.

Traditionally slow to move, the NSW Government is keen to realise the cost efficiencies and greater accessibility by moving away from their existing infrastructure. Employees will be able to access information from mobile devices as easily as they could in the office and instantaneously share multi-version documents rather than emailing full copies back and forth. The quality of security, power and IT support will be raised dramatically as resources are pooled into one facility and less space is wasted on expensive hardware.

These are similar benefits to those provided to even the smallest business from the cloud, albeit at a much larger scale. After three-month-long trial-runs with just 100 accounts, the NSW Government will scale up to transition over 30,000 desktop accounts, saving gigabytes of space and releasing thousands of public servants from the stationary computer desk.

With all the time and money savings the cloud will bring perhaps we will see a government department operating a little more efficiently.

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