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How Hosted Email Helps My Business

Posted on: April 1st, 2014 by Walid Abou-Halloun
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How Hosted Email Helps My Business

Jonie began consulting to other businesses on marketing techniques when she left her job to make more time for her family. Hosted Email has assisted her to manage the costs of running a sole trader company as well as given her flexibility to fit work in where she needs to.

‘I run a pretty small operation. So small actually, it’s just me!’ Jonie explains. The new lifestyle works for Jonie because she simply takes on clients when she wants to and doesn’t allow her work to get overwhelming. ‘The thing is, there were moments when I could do a bit of work – at swimming practice with my kids or waiting at afterschool pick up – but couldn’t access my emails. I felt like there was downtime I was wasting, which meant that later on I had to take time away from my family to get things done.’

That has all changed now with the implementation of Microsoft outlook web access. Microsoft exchange email has allowed Jonie to access all the emails on her computer from whichever device she is currently using. Her desktop computer holds all the controls and settings but her mobile and iPad also show her emails if she ever needs to see them off-site.

For a bit of added security, Jonie has backed up important emails to the exchange email server. Not all of them, just the important ones. This has provided peace of mind about the safety of her data without any unnecessary costs.

‘I didn’t want a complicated system. In fact, I was really happy just using Microsoft Outlook on my computer. Microsoft Exchange online means I can now also access Outlook on my phone and that’s all I need.’ Jonie now uses her iPad and phone to send and receive emails as well. All the emails across all devices are updated in real time, so she can see that she has read an email on her phone, even when she’s looking at her desktop.

Does hosted email sound like something that would make your life a little bit easier right now? Set it up today; it’s quick and costs very little. How much more could you earn if you were able to respond to clients during those 5-10 minutes of delay throughout your day?

If you are looking for greater security of your data, Hosted Exchange is what you want. Complete Cloud can assist you in working out which one you need, based on your business’s requirement and the budget you have available.

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