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Facebook’s new graph search

Posted on: January 28th, 2013 by Walid Abou-Halloun
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Facebook’s new graph search

Facebook graph search comes at a time when technocrats expected a Facebook phone; it comes with unique features that let you search for specifics on Facebook using target filters known as “actual Facebook graph searches”. This and other feature have recently made headlines since people think that their offensive and hypocritical behaviour can easily be exposed. Take for instance making a search for married people who ‘liked’ a adult page. You will get hundreds of results offering more information about these users; such as who their spouses are, their place of work, their images, and more

This does not mean there is no privacy any more on Facebook as you may think. If you limit the information that you share with friends on Facebook then you will not be exposed in case of a graph search. If you are married and appreciating adults can alter your settings so you are not searchable.

According to the creator Tom Scoth, the search better if you specific with details of whatever you are after. It doesn’t matter the number of words you are going to use in this case. You can use up to twenty words giving details such as age, gender, relationship status, likes and family members.

It is believed that people doing any kind of business on Facebook will have to make several changes id they are to benefit from Facebook graph search. Graph searches will enhance marketability of businesses that will make appropriate changes since it is going to be easier than before to search for specific businesses, learn about them.

For a business to engage with potential customers and optimize for search their pages must be completely be updated. In addition they should upload content directly to the pages including company addresses and prices for charged for products or services.

Graph searches is meant to work within Facebook. It is not going to compete with giant search engines the likes of Google because this is purely meant for social search. For most users graph search may be as good as social media and may not work as a general consumer search like Google; you can as well find what you are looking doe on graph search on Google.

John Battelle who has covered Google in his writing for years argues that Facebook gets a new layer of interaction that is increasing engagement. Than there before users will be able to know more about the people or businesses they meet on Facebook with the graph search. This is unlike Steve Cheney who argues Facebook`s multiple likes created by users will distort the signals and render graph search irrelevant.

Graph search may be useful but there are a number of concerns raised by small business and other marketers. They want to know if businesses will eventually be competing in price bidding war when they advertise on graph search. Another concern is if there will be positive or negative review products or Search engine optimization for graph search that will make sure that only good or services with high quality will appear in the first pages of graph search. If these concerns are addressed advertisers will know how to use graph search to optimize their sells.

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