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Drive SEO Traffic with Your Online Store

Posted on: July 7th, 2014 by Walid Abou-Halloun
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Drive SEO Traffic with Your Online Store

Recently launched your online store? The success of your ecommerce site will depend on a variety of factors. And one of the most prominent ones will be its ranking on search engines like Google, Bing or Yahoo. Stay ahead of your competitors by following these SEO practices that help your website indexed and ranked higher.

Designed for search engines

Does your online store design abide by the SEO best practices? Do your web pages have proper title and header tags and meta descriptions? Have you used the appropriate and relevant keywords? Does each page have a custom URL? Do all your images have Image Alt tags? Does your ecommerce site have easy to understand, search engine friendly links?

Innovative SEO tools

Opt for a shopping cart software that provides you with advanced SEO features that are easy to use so that you don’t need be a SEO expert or invest considerable time monitoring the rankings of your online store on search engines.

Detailed Site Map

Do you have an auto generated site map that tells search engines about the pages you want them to see as well as the order of indexing? Go for an ecommerce software solution that gives you complete flexibility and control to choose your online store pages that you want to rank higher and those you would rather not want to list.

Product Reviews

Does your ecommerce site include product reviews? Product reviews from actual buyers greatly influence prospects and target customers. Find out if your ecommerce solution allows you to send automatic emails to customers asking them to post their reviews on your online store about the products they purchase.

Integration with Google shopping

Is your ecommerce software integrated with Google Shopping? This helps in super quick listing of products helping you offer a seamless customer experience.

Google AdWords Credit

Does your shopping cart solution offer Google AdWords credit to kick-start your PPC campaign?
Drive higher traffic and boost your sales with an online store that is optimised for search engines. At Complete Cloud we provide you with ecommerce solutions that not only look great but also offer easy editing and storefront customisation.

Contact us today for an ecommerce website that both your customers and search engines will love!

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